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 Page Center Directions


粉红色的, 朱砂, and white cliffs meet the deep blues of water and sky in the high desert of northern Coconino County. Coconino 社区 College’s Page Center (CCC Page) features stunning views of cliffs, 平顶山, and miles of exquisiteness found on the nearby Navajo Nation; all right outside the classroom windows. CCC Page is surrounded by rugged beauty that attracts millions of tourists annually to the city of Page, 亚利桑那州, which is nestled on the shores of Lake Powell and next to the famous Glen Canyon Dam. We are honored to be able to offer various programs and courses to students in such a unique and beautiful location.


CCC Page currently offers in-person, 变焦, and online courses to help students work toward degrees or certificates in a variety of disciplines. 最近, CCC Page reinstated popular CNA courses and other Pre-健康 career courses, which are current high-demand careers in Coconino County. The goal is to prepare students for their future, whether that be on the CCC2Work or CCC2University track. 另外, CCC Page has a wide range of noncredit CCC2社区 courses available for personal enrichment and lifelong learning. CCC Page is a designated American Heart Association Training Site offering certification courses for First Aid & CPR AED and Basic Life Support (BLS) several times each month.


Most importantly, CCC Page is northern Coconino County’s hub for learning. The campus offers students a safe space to study, connect with faculty and staff, and complete coursework. In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Coconino 社区 College has created Comet Connection. CCC Page is the Comet Connection location for northern Coconino County, which means students are welcome to come to campus to utilize FREE Wi-Fi, 校园计算机, 以及其他技术. 另外, CCC Page staff are available during campus hours for in-person student services.


The staff and faculty at the Page Center are excited to answer your questions and assist you in your process of becoming a member of the CCC family.



社区教育 and 劳动力培训


In-person American Heart Association First Aid & CPR AED course held at the Coconino 社区 College campus in Page, AZ. Approximately 8 hours, certification card provided after completion of the course. *A blended course (online coursework with in-person skills testing) is also offered.

For more information view the Course 信息 on the 社区教育 and 劳动力培训 courses page.