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Scholarship and Program Giving

Your business, organization, or trust can support educational goals of Coconino Community College students.  You can choose to support our scholarship programs by either establishing a new scholarship or giving to an existing one.  Program giving is another way to support the quality learning at CCC.


*Please see your accountant, financial advisor, or attorney about your individual financial goals prior to deciding  how you would like to give to Coconino Community College scholarships and programs.



Your Impact

Student needs can vary greatly.  Support from generous donors provides financial support for tuition, books, fees, and living expenses thus improving the ability for students to focus on their development in their course work and program of choice.  Scholarships help improve quality of life, and we invite you to be a part of the College community as a champion of student success.


Are you a CCC employee?

Did you know that over 1/3 of employees contribute to CCC scholarships and program funds?  Employees have options on how they would like to give.

  • Payroll Deduction:  Download and complete the fillable Payroll Deduction Form and return to Human Resources to have your giving regularly deducted from your paycheck.
  • One-time Giving:  Click the donate buttons.  Select between Scholarships and  Programs , or even give to both!  You can also complete a  one-time giving donation form .



Give to an Existing Scholarship

Since the CCC Foundation's creation in 1993, donors have contributed to existing scholarships that service students from diverse backgrounds with multiple academic interests or vocational endeavors.  If you would like to give to an existing scholarship, please review our  current scholarship list .






Create a Scholarship

The creation of scholarships affords students the opportunity to pursue meaningful endeavors that advance their learning and their careers.  Financial support from private donors is an avenue to make a difference in the lives of students, as well as in our Coconino County communities.

Prepare to create your scholarship:

  • Discuss your goals and funding source with your accountant, legal consultant, or financial advisor
  • Identify a program or population you wish to support
  • Contact the CCC Foundation Office to discuss your scholarship goals
  • Develop the criteria for scholarship awards with the support of the Director of the CCC Foundation


If you would like to establish a scholarship, please contact the  CCC Foundation Office .

Endowed Scholarships

Support the educational goals of students for years to come with an endowed scholarship. The basics:

  • The corpus, or principle, can never be used for other purposes
  • Endowed scholarship funds are supported and generated by interest each year
  • Minimum financial commitment is $15,000.00
  • Minimum commitment can be funded all at once, or over a three-year period (recipients begin receiving funds in the fourth year in the latter option)
  • Awards are based on yearly investment return calculations
  • Any type of asset can be used:  cash, securities, land, and other property
  • A 2% reinvestment fee will be calculated and assessed on all endowments every December 31st.

Annually-Funded Scholarships

Help students achieve learning goals with an annually-funded scholarship.  The basics:

  • Annually funded scholarships are dependent on yearly contributions
  • The minimum funding commitment is $1,000.00 per year
  • Options are available to fund one or multiple scholarships
  • To maintain a scholarship, the organization, business, or trust, will be committed to funding the scholarship annually
  • A 5% administrative fee is associated with annually funded scholarships



Program Giving 

Programs at Coconino Community College include academic and student support programs.  Your gift will help programs acquire valuable equipment and supplies, as well as provide basic needs for students when emergencies strike.  To learn more about the programs at CCC, please view the CCC Program list .


Other Ways to Give

There are  many ways to give to support CCC students.  Please contact the  CCC Foundation Office for more details.

*Please make your check payable to the Coconino Community College Foundation and indicate which fund or program you wish to support, or you can make an online donation.