Coconino 社区 College Obtains 奖助金 that Provide Program-Specific Support

Coconino 社区 College has received government and private grants that support specific programs. Many of these grants are ongoing; some are for defined periods of time to strengthen projects identified by the granting agencies. Coconino 社区 College extends our warmest thanks to our grant funders for investing in student success. Click on the titles below to learn more about each grant.


Federal 奖助金


基金会 奖助金

Adult Education

US Department of Education


Perkins Basic Grant

US Department of Education


Bridges to Baccalaureate

National Institutes of 健康

Through Northern Arizona University



US Department of Education

AZ Workforce Development


AZ Programs of Study

CCC 基金会

The Coconino County 社区 College 基金会 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that is fiscally and organizationally separate from the College with its own Board of Directors. Its purpose is to receive private gifts, bequests and donations; to account for, manage and help appreciate monies or property submitted to the 基金会; and to help the College with projects and opportunities which may not be funded by public funds.